FILD Design Thinking Company 

FILD – one of the main companies that formed an objects design industry in Ukraine. While maintaining its successful development, the studio keeps working on bringing new ideas to life, creating interior projects in Kiev and looking forward to a new partnerships and collaborations. 

Ash grey and dimmed yellow are identity colors of the company. FILD is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of the objects in graphic design as well as in interior design. The team bases they perception on design laconism, application convenience and pleasant textures. 

Was established in 2013 in Kiev (Ukraine) by Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Fedorenko.

Dan is a creative director of the company. He got his MA degree at Art-Design International University of Salvador Dali. Since then, he has worked in branding, graphic design as well as commercial advertising lay-outs. Kateryna Fedorenko is an executive director. Kateryna has her background in fashion industry, gaining her experience over a period of 12 years and founding L’UVE fashion brand. She moved onto engaging herself fully with the FILD company, bringing into this creative collaboration her management skills and fashion vision.

During 2013 FILD has being engaged in and successfully completing architectural & interior design as well as branding projects for a Yoga studio, a few beauty salons, few private apartments, PODOLYAN fashion store and a flower boutique in Kiev. 

Since 2014 FILD started its very first object design collection SUSTAINABLE ORIGINS. 

"SO" was designed and developed by Dan Vakhrameyev in 2014. The minimalist object forms were created In virtue of assembling genuine materials of wood and metal. Accurate and conceivable design is the main principle of the collection. The first items of SO collection were presented in December 2014, such as floor lamps (code name - SO1 ), pendant lamps (SO5, SO6, SO8), shelving units (code name SO4) and metal stool (code name - SO2 ). 

In July 2015, adhering to its already recognizable minimalistic and sustainable style, FILD company presented a range of new products. This time a lot of attention was dedicated to architectural lighting, decor, functional interior objects and overall color palette.

ARCHI - ceiling downlight. LINES - decorative pendant lights that create geometrical volumetric shapes with their subtle lines. HATCH TABLE - decorative table, a functional interior element. HEAVY CREAMS - candlestick consists of 2 turned metal parts and a wooden handle.  BLOCKS- candlesticks. DIAGONAL TILE  - decorative tile concept.

FILD’s key combination of wood and metal was fulfilled in these decorative items. The variety of color palette and geometrical shapes give endless possibilities for combinations and unlimited creativity.

Since November 2015 an official on-line store was launched. For less then a year FILD reached numerous of counties with a world wide delivery:  Australia, Austria, Belgium,  Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark,  France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhsta, Lebanon, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

In September 2016, FILD founders Kateryna Fedorenko and Dan Vakhrameyev got married and since then FILD officially has became a Family Company !!!


Kiev / Ukraine / 01032 / st.Saksaganskogo 89A / Side Entrance / Yellow door

In December 2016, the first FILD Store was opened. Located in Kiev city center, its grey facade contrasting the bright yellow entrance door attracts attention. FILD's new location combines a showroom with the complete display of products, an office-conference room and a manufacturing workshop.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

In February 2017 FILD participated in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair being the very first Ukrainian brand ever presented at the biggest Scandinavian Fair since it was establishment in 1942. 

 Kateryna and Dan Vakhrameyev / Photo by Andrey Bezuglov /  Kyiv April 2017 /

Kateryna and Dan Vakhrameyev / Photo by Andrey Bezuglov /  Kyiv April 2017 /